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Elvin Jones, John McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco: My Favorite Things

The common language of jazz is sublime, for those talented enough to speak it fluently. Jahn McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco and Elvin Jones stretch out on “My Favorite Things.” This is a song that Elvin played every night with John Coltrane from 1961 to ’65. His rhythmic conception and poetic agility define the performance. McLaughlin and DeFrancesco enjoy the ride and contribute their own brilliance within the confines of the concept.

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' 71 prototype complete. Damn gurl, you so pretty. Mahogany, maple, ebony, stainless steel, ivoroid and tortoiseshell binding, 25.5 scale, habanero pickups, tone pros wraparound bridge. #singlecut #luthier #Sullyguitars #guitartalk #guitarporn #instaguitar #LesPaulkiller #geartalk

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Thank you everyone who helped. Thank you anyone who gave positive word while building this. Thanks Saylor Guitars, Warmoth, Steward Macdonald, Mastery, Lollar, and Chark for the photo.

I love this, from the dedicated volume and tone for each pickup to the Firebird-esque treble-side pickguard lines.

Oh, yes.

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Jesselli Guitars

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ACG Salace 10 string fan fretted/Fretless.

I saw this bass before it was finished in the workshop and it is surprisingly small!

Full details -

- Cameron.